Wednesday, 17 April 2013

O = Ohhh -ho!!

O as in Ohhh- ho!! This is the exclamatory word which my 23 months old daughter – Mishti has picked up lately. And yes …. It is me who uses this term often, so my girl has to pick it up.
Ohhh- ho Mishti…you have again spilled water!
Ohhh- ho why have scratched all over your body with this sketch pen!
Ohhh- ho why are you climbing the dining table?

MIshti comes back from Daycare and she starts saying or rather asking for ‘Baba Bashir’. I didn’t get the clue….Has she met some stranger with this name? But, as far as I know nobody in her daycare has this name? It doesn’t even sound like name of any other kid in daycare?  I scratched my head to make out what or whom she wants actually.
By this time, her irritation has reached peak level. She shouted, Ohhh- ho Mamma…..Baba Bashir!!
Me: Mishti, What Baba Bashir dear….Who is he??
Mishti: Ohhh- ho, Ohhh- ho, Ohhh- ho…… Baaaaaabaaaa Bashiiiiir ….peeezze (please).
Me: Baby I am not getting it...What do you want me to do?
Mishti: Ohhh- ho Mamma....Peeezee…Baba Bashir. And she starts crying.
I quickly pick her up and try to divert her attention. After a while when she got distracted and completely forgot about ‘Baba Bashir’!

When hubby came back from work, I told him about this mystery man ‘Baba Bashir’. Even he couldn’t understand what it is! Later in the evening, Mishti sat with her daddy to read her dozens of books. Suddenly, she picked up her rhymes book, opened one particular page and yelled ‘Baba Bashir’. We ran to look at it.

Gosh….she was talking of Baa Baa, Black sheep…that famous rhyme!!!
It happened that although she read this rhyme at home, but that day it was taught to her in daycare. And generally they teach these rhymes with some animated dance & actions. Mishti wanted me to do that when she came back home. But, poor baby, with a mom who was not able to comprehend her language, it was a herculean task for her to make us understand what she want.
Ohhh- ho!!!


  1. Haha mishti is so sweet
    I so loveeee kids . Was expecting an oops from you but this oh Ho and baba bashir sounds best
    I strangely though she heard babu mushair of the legendary movie anand
    Good day

  2. Ohhh-ho, Mamma, you couldn't get that!! LOL :D
    It clicked to me after reading Baba Bashir for the first time :D

  3. Sweet story! Kids really keep you on your toes, don't they? Attempts at second guessing what they want don't always work.

  4. So cute :) My daughter is also 23 but Years not months :) Loved Baba bashir

  5. and I call my dad Baba and when mom was teaching me the Baba Black sheep I apparently realized he wasn't around and asked for him :D


  6. So sweet. Please don't change that for some time.

  7. LOL...what a lovely name - and Nursery Rhyme ne sanyaas liya! LOL - They grow very fast - Enjoy this stage :)
    CHeers, Laxmi

  8. So cute. Now I'll always think of the rhyme as Baba Bashir!

  9. hahahha!! So, so funny!! I love Baba Bashir!! :D

  10. Soooo cute. Mishti sounds like a bundle of Joy. These memories are priceless :)

  11. LOL at Ba Ba Bashir :D He is ini's fav too :)
    And how smart of her to pick up the book to make you understand!!!

  12. Wow!

    Kids have their own language in the cutest sense :) Guess we should adapt more their mindset to understand :)

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

  13. Ha ha Baba cute!